Healthy Gums, Healthy Smile: Strategies to Prevent Gum Disease

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It is important to look after your gums and ensure they remain healthy. The main reason for tooth loss in adults is gum disease. Gum disease is initially a mild illness. When gum disease is caught early, it is easily treated. The bone and tissue that support the teeth will eventually be destroyed with the help of gum disease in Gainesville, though, if you don’t address it.

Around the teeth, the volume of bone will diminish and the bone may become uneven and scalloped. This irreversible stage of periodontal disease is known as periodontitis. This is the most prevalent cause of tooth loss and a fairly conclusive diagnosis. The fascinating thing is that the beginning stages of the disease are frequently painless, so patients may find it hard to realize how serious it might be.

Understanding Gum Disease

Plaque accumulation along the gum line is the first sign of gum disease. Plaque is a bacterially-filled sticky material that resembles a film. Gingivitis causes your gums to:

Red, painful, swollen, and prone to bleeding and inflammation. Fortunately, this injury is reversible because it doesn’t affect the tissue or bone that holds the teeth in place. Additionally, you may get periodontitis, a more severe kind of gum disease. Periodontitis damages the bones that hold your teeth in place. If left untreated, it might damage your teeth’s supporting tissues, bones, and gums. Advanced periodontitis is gum disease’s last stage, and you should be consulted by a dentist near you. At this point, the bone and tissue that support your teeth are gone. It may affect your bite, necessitating the extraction of teeth.

Strategies for Preventing Gum Disease

1. Continue Getting Routine Teeth Cleanings

Frequent oral cleanings are essential to get rid of tartar and plaque buildup, which can be harmful to your oral health.

Plaque, if it remains on your teeth for an extended period of time, will harden into tartar, also known as calculus. This deposit is tough to remove and can make it challenging to clean and floss your teeth. In addition to irritating and harming your gums, the bacteria in tartar can cause gum disease. Maintaining healthy teeth and removing excess tartar and plaque can be greatly aided by getting dental cleanings by your dentist in Gainesville every six months.

2. Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing daily not only protects your teeth but also helps prevent plaque. Thus, it is essential to floss once a day and brush your teeth twice a day.

You need to use a quality mouthwash that will help get rid of the bacteria. It’s crucial to keep in mind that food particles trapped between teeth can lead to plaque and gum disease.

3. If Necessary, Get a Deep Cleaning

Tartar can accumulate below the gum line over time, increasing your risk of developing periodontal disease and periodontitis. Tartar that develops below the gum line is removed during deep teeth cleaning, sometimes referred to as scaling and root planing or non-surgical periodontal therapy, to halt the advancement of gum disease.

It is imperative that you receive a deep cleaning as soon as possible if your dentist has suggested it in the past. Prolonging the delay in deep cleaning your teeth might worsen the condition and increase your risk of developing periodontitis. If you’re not sure if you need a deep cleaning, you can check for symptoms such as bleeding gums and foul breath. You should reach out to your dentist to get a checkup on gum disease near you.

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